What the Sam Hill?

L1&3: BS “Banana”
L2&4: CSS “Mango”

L1&3: LH “Denali”
L2&4: VC “Rose Mist”

What the Sam Hill?

R1: P
R2: P2, (U3, O3) x 4, U3, P2
R3: P
R4: P2, (U3, O3) x 2, P3, (O3, U3) x 2, P2
R5: P14, U3, P14
R6: Rpt R4
R7: Rpt R5
R8: P2, U3, O3, P15, O3, U3, P2
R9: P8, (U3, O3) x 2, U3, P8
R10: Rpt R8
R11: Rpt R9
R12: Rpt R4
R13: Rpt R5
R14: Rpt R8
R15: Rpt R9
R16: P

So titled because I wonder what I was thinking . . .

This interesting pattern is more like a combination of two patterns. (Rows 2 and 3 are unique, the others are repeated.)
Not sure yet what to do with it.


Weird Horizons

L1&3: RHS “Lavender”
L2&4: CSS “Pistachio”

Weird Horizons


R1: P
R2: (U1, O3) across, P3
R3-4: Repeat R2
R5: P
R6: Slide
R7&10: P
R8: P2, (slide 3, O1) across, slide 3, P2
R9: P4, (slide 3, O1) across, P3
R11: Slide
R12-15: P3, (O3, U1) x 7
R16: P

I don’t really like R8&9, but left them as an example.
However I like the 3-rib pattern with this 1&3/2&4 layering. Actually it’s interesting and I’d like to play with it more (with 1&3/2&4 layering).

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