Welcome to my book-turned-blog: Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving!

I Love Pin Loom Weaving!

I want to share the techniques and pattern weaves I’ve developed and designed, but a formal book seems so “last year.” Preparing a book manuscript (which would take a couple of years to surface in stores) is super stressful and takes too much time away from my adventures, so I’m abandoning formal publishing in favor of an up-to-date account of my almost-daily adventures with the little loom.

Since I’m dreadful about typing my patterns as soon as they’re finished, I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on that. It takes a lot of time to design, weave, redesign, and reweave (sometimes several times), all while taking notes. Techniques take even longer to write up because of all the step-by-step photos. I tell you this because you will likely find mistakes in what’s written here.

It was my plan to try selling some of my patterns in PDF form, but after spending two days working on that (and—shhh!—stealing time to continue designing patterns [I simply cannot stop!]) I decided to continue doing what I do best. My couch holds piles of patterns written out or diagrammed, but not yet woven, and stacks of squares not-quite-ready for release waiting to be redesigned and rewoven—I can’t spare the time to fuss with Word and formatting. I’m already used to how a blog works, so I think I can keep up a little better if I continue entering information here.

“Single Outline Heart” with beads

There may be one thing I like better than designing patterns and that’s interacting with people. So, WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG, enjoy the patterns, and please, please, please ask questions and inform me of typos and other corrections I need to make.